Goodbye Little Star - Kenny Baker

Goodbye Little Star

Kenny Baker

(Kenny Baker, ORBIT R 541X45, 1959)

I met a pretty girl, a very pretty girl
She came out west, to find success
Came to Hollywood, just as fast as she could
She saw the light, just a-shinin' bright

'Cause she turned around, and almost left that town
She was so afraid, she wouldn't make the grade
She had what it takes, she got the breaks
She could act and sing, she had everything

They all flocked to her door, they all wanted more and more
She was nice and sweet, to everyone she'd meet
She bought a new sedan, for a poor old man
Everyone loved her, no matter who they were

It was late in December, I'll always remember
She was on her way, for the holiday
She was oh-so glad, she'd see mom and dad
But I hate to say, she never saw that day

A man who came from a bar, couldn't drive his car
He didn't read the signs, made the morning headlines
Goodbye little star, wherever you are
I must forget the day, you came our way

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