The Great Snowman - Bob Luman

The Great Snowman

Bob Luman

(John D. Loudermilk, Warner Bros. 5204, 1961)

A few years ago there lived a lover
By the name of Jimmy Jones
Who really snowed the girls and left them cold
And gained the title of "The Great Snowman"

I remember the day when the snow melted away
And the Great Snowman was wed
He said, yes I do
And little Linda said it too
And the Great Snowman was we-e-e-e-d

Now, Jimmy Jones was the Snowman's name
He put all the other local lovers to shame
He had good looks and a big fine car
And went around breaking all the girlies hearts
Until one day the Great Snowman found
Linda Lou, who started melting him down
He bought a ring and they set the day
And the Great Snowman started melting away


Now, the Great Snowman and his loving spouse
Live in the little sub-division house
They got six kids and his mother-in-law
And expecting another kiddy in the fall
His old Cadillac needs the paint retouch'd
It's full of baby diapers and bottles and such
The Great Snowman has outgrown all his flashy catty clothes


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