Guitar Blues - Sue Moreno & Marco Di Maggio

Guitar Blues

Sue Moreno & Marco Di Maggio


I met you in my favorite land
't was love at first sight, we walked hand in hand
From the first time I laid my eyes on you
I never felt one minute blue
Cause you were always there for me
I couldn't believe how good life could be

So we went on for several years
Some were good, some brought us tears
Now you make me long for happy times we had
It makes me feel so sad
Had to leave you today and for good
Never thought we'd end our life that was so smooth

I can still look you up sometime
But God, I miss them days when you were mine
Sweet memories
You bring along
I'd love to sing you one more song
Yes I really did believe in you
You were my style now I miss you too

Saw you in the window this morn'
Someone came in, sang you a song
Hope you'll have a good life after all
I'm glad the world is small
Sure I'll see you again near or far
You know you'll always be my favorite guitar

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