Have Faith In Me - The Blossoms

Have Faith In Me

The Blossoms

(Ed Townsend, CAPITOL F3878, 1958)

Faith in me (faith in me)
Faith in me (faith in me)

Won't you (have faith)
Please have (faith in me)
Faith (have faith)
In me (faith in me)

No matter what else you do (faith in me)
Just keep (just keep)
Please keep (please keep)
Your faith (faith in me)
In me (faith in me)

There's nothing that I couldn't do
Uppin' a mountain
Swim in the sea
Would be simple to me
Long as I have you
Here by my side
My soul is all open wide

I need (your faith)
Oh, I need (faith in me)
Your faith (your faith)
In me (faith in me)
Until eternity (faith in me)

I need (your faith)
Don't lose (faith in me)
Just keep (your faith)
Oh no (faith in me)

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