Have Wheels Gotta Roll - Sonny George

Have Wheels Gotta Roll

Sonny George

(Sonny George, SPINOUT, 1998)

I'm a high rollin' daddy and I really get around
Hittin' and a gittin' from town to town
I just can't help it, I was born to roam
My big rig is my home

Have wheels, gotta roll
Have wheels, gotta roll
I'm just a ramblin' soul
Have wheels, gotta roll

I run a Detroit diesel with my foot to the floor
It's all there buddy, and a whole lot more
Pedal to the metal, I don't mean slow
Man you oughta see me go

Well, I can truck all night from dusk to dawn
Truck it all day, untill the day is gone
Bye bye baby, now I can't stay
I wouldn't want it any other way

A Hot Rod version was recorded by The Belmont Playboys

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