Nashville Boogie 2020

Nashville Boogie 2020 poster
Nashville Boogie 2020 poster

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Nashville Boogie 2020 will be held entirely at the Music Valley property. Tiger Army, Levi and the Rockats, Slim Jim Phantom, Deke Dickerson, Marti Brom, Scotty Baker, Charlie Hightone, Gizzelle, Art Adams, Psycho Devilles, Omar Romero, Bebo and the 2 Timers, Lara Hope & the Ark-Tones, Todd Day Wait, Screamin' Rebel Angels, Abby Girl & the Real Deal, The Krank Daddies, Hightone Rhythm Ramblers, Moonlight Trio, Ross and the Wildboys, The Sparky Boys, Little Lesley Swift and the Bloodshots, Nich Roulette's Rockabilly Blowout, Rockin' Rick and the Rhythm Wranglers, The Hi-Jivers, Elvis Cantú, The Downbeats, The Shook Boys, TJ Mayes, The Rhythm Torpedoes, Mozzy Dee, Frantic Rockers, Jane Rose, Anthony Castagna Combo - DJ David Salvaje - DJ Phantom - DJ Reb Kennedy - DJ Sailor Tony - DJ Laura Palmer - MC Del Villareal - MC James Riley More info will be posted on that real soon. We still have all our other festivals and vintage wine trains. Super busy!

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