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RCSS #5 Dirt drag race 2020

RCSS #5 Dirt drag race 2020 poster
RCSS #5 Dirt drag race 2020 poster

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Here’s most of the info you’ll need for our event RCSS5: Same place as last time we had RCSS4: Råglannaparken SW Sweden.(Roadster Club Scandinavia Show #4) RCSS5 (Roadster Club Scandinavia Show #5) 3-5 July 2020 is the time for our show: RCSS5 For 2020 we will do pretty much as last time but a little bit better, we hope. It will be as follows: Show, where we choose: -Scandinavia’s most beautiful roadster -Scandinavia’s coolest roadster -Scandinavia’s peoples choice Race For spectators, there are plenty of room. Free entrance to the race. Dirt drag race on the nearest field about 300 meters from the venue. More detailed information later in the text. Saturday night there will be awards ceremony for both the winners of our show and the race with great prizes and sponsorships from several good companies. (more info about who will sponsor will come later, if you have more contacts on companies that can sponsor please let us know, it’s nice if there are a lot of prizes for the winners) -Swap meet: Everyone can bring a little to sell from their car. If you have any more stuff, then you bring your own table. No flea or antique, only hot rod related. -Exhibition There will also be some other exhibitors selling or showing other hot rod related. However, there will be no clothes and gadgets / lifestyle sellers During the day there will also be other crafts: (more info about this coming in hand) Do you know any company that you would like to fit well in this genre, please feel free to contact us. For this year we have invited a tatto artist and a barber. -RCS meeting point where you can buy hand-printed hit t-shirts, member shirts, stickers, key rings alu plaquets and other RCS stuff. Food: There will be hamburger, sandwiches, coffee, candy and drink. Hopefully we’ll have sometin next to the race track as well. A breakfast buffet is also available on Saturday and Sunday, you buy a ticket the day before you want breakfast. The park has a dance pavilion with a large roof without walls where you can take shelter if the sky opens up There are also other roofs where you can sit and eat and “fika”. For the sake of the atmosphere there will also be a chocolate wheel inside the park. Party: There will be music and a camp fire lit on Saturday night. We will, as last time, have different parking spaces for different cars: Inside the park: Members cars and other traditional hotrods up to 1937, billet proof and with bias ply (diagonal) tires, no rat rods. Also old traditional american bobbers are welcome into the park. Outside the park there are customs, other hot rods and MC’s and camping (on the gras), Other cars may find a place further away from the park. This show is primarily not for spectators but for participants, for those who actually drive these cars. Time: Friday night the 5th of July to Sunday 7th of July. Like last time we have access to the park and parking all ready Friday . No official action going on Friday, you’re on your own. Entrance 200kr Member with valid membership card 150kr Packing list: -Your hot rod -Full membership card (if you want to enter cheaper) -Hot rod parts for the swap. -Period-correct clothing (50th and down) is voluntarily of course but fun. Price for best dressed girl / boy. -Alcohol drinks for the one who wants (cannot be bought on site, however, there is a “Systembolget”, (liquor store), in Nossebro, a few kilometers from the park -Tent and other camping equipment for those who want to camp just outside the park (camping, hostel and hotels you can find in the nearby village Nossebro) -Bring rainwear, because then there will be no rain! -Good party mood! Follow us on Facebook or at for ongoing news. We publish news by hand. Feel free to post on Facebook and announce that you will make it easier to plan food etc More details about the race. It’s about a short Dirt drag race 1/16 mile (about 100m). The race will be only 300m from the party site on a field behind a barn on the other side of the road. The track will be prepared, plowed, ring-rolled, bumped and a little gravelled at the start. This year the track will have a bit longer breaking distance and a taxiline parallell to the track. The classes will be the same this year: - Four banger - 6-8 cyl flat head - Overhead valve. What else: - Only traditional hot rods up to 1937 - Only bias ply tires are allowed - Helmet, comprehensive clothing and gloves - Fire extinguisher quickly available in every car. - There will be a security check on each car. - The start will be two and two next to each other and flagged off. Everybody will sign to that this is only a veteran rally, not a competition. - Everybody in the race team must be periodically dressed (30-40s style) even functionaries and photographers. - You will have to pre book and prepay (300kr) and attach information about the car and also pictures. -Go in to our web site to fill in the race application, after that you’ll get a mail from us with info about payment and if you are approved for the race. The form will be announced when its up on the web. -Note, there is a limited assumption for the race! First come! Welcome. RCS crew.

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