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#19 Hangar Rockin' 2020

#19 Hangar Rockin
#19 Hangar Rockin

Spinnin' hot wax

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July 2020 - Flugplatz St Stephan, St Stephan BE They still do not know what they are doing, but for the 19th time! On the first weekend in July, the European Custom & Hot Rod scene meets at the military airfield St. Stephan below the steering wheel. The breathtaking scenery of the Simmental trembles under roaring V8 engines and wild rock'n'roll music. Each year, the 1/8 Mile Showrace of the heavily modified vehicles attracts thousands of fence people, who then leave the valley with an overdose of sensory impressions to come back next year. Danger! This is not a vintage or amusement gathering, but one of the most important occasions for a subculture of people who have tattooed their skin and greasy hair on the Rock'n'Roll lifestyle, 365 days a year, 24 hours a year. Japanese Pinstripe artists meet Swedish custom car welders, pinup girls of extraordinary elegance on every corner, custom cars and Rat Rods everywhere. DJs playing jump blues and surf music, Lindi-hop dancing couples and of course lots of old brass and handmade music, On Friday and Saturday evening, the créme de la créme of the international roots music scene will be presented on the hangar stage. The line-up consists of excellent bands of different roots - styles, of course, authentic and committed to the old school, but this guarantee for dancing nights. They still do not know what they are doing, but for the 19th time! For the 19th edition, we have worked on many details and ideas. Our credo for 19 years: FROM FANS / LOVERS FOR FANS / LOVERS! QUALITY BEFORE QUANTITY! 3rd and 4th of July 2020 Airfield St. Stephan Hangar Rockin 'Nr. 19 Friday, July 3, 2020 - 6 to 5 pm - with live on stage: - THE ROCKETS // ROB HERON & TEA PAT ORCHESTRA and GONE HEPSVILLE - ZIRKUSZELT new with DJ's TBA - Soul Floor with the DJ's HANS PEACE BREAK and guests - Merchant mile - Bars & Food Stands - Large campsite for FREE - all vehicles up to vintage 1960 = 1 FREE ENTRY - Large parking in 2 categories 1st category until the year 1960 // 2nd category until the year 1974 - Large visitor parking - Parking for camping vehicles - All young people up to 16 years FREE ENTRY Saturday, June 4, 2020 - 12 to 5 o'clock - with live on stage: SI CRANSTOUN // VOOLA & THE JAYHAWKS // THE VELVET CANDELS and SAME OLD SHOES - Truck Stage with SIR JAC'S BANTAMACS // BELLI DI WAIKIKI and MONS WHEELER - ZIRKUS ZELT with DJ's TBA Saturday afternoon FLOHMARKT - Soul Floor with the DJ's HANS PEACE BREAK and guests - 1/8 Mile HOT ROD, CUSTOM CARS, BIKES & SCOOTER RACE - NEW: DRAGSTER SHOW TBA ... more information coming soon - CAR BOOT SALE Afternoon

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