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The Leap Year Hop w/ Petunia & Dave Stuckey

The Leap Year Hop w/ Petunia & Dave Stuckey poster
The Leap Year Hop w/ Petunia & Dave Stuckey poster

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Leap Year only comes around every 4 years, so it's always a special occasion. This year, Feb. 29 brings the Leap Year Hop with Petunia & The Vipers PLUS Dave Stuckey & the Hot House Gang. These are two bands with swingin' synchopation that are reminiscent of the music from nearly 100 years ago - Hot jazz, Cool Swing and Vintage R&B. Both bands have loyal followers, both bands play great dance music - and both bands have a visionary leader. In Petunia's case, he and his Vipers thrive on the challenge of adding Latin rhythms to a country blues tune, or gypsy flavoring to a rockabilly standard. They play original music combining elements of classic 1920s, 30s 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s country, country blues, western swing, alt country rock, Mexicana, French cabaret, Romanian, ragtime, jazz, punk and folk music. Dave Stuckey has enjoyed a wild musical safari from teenage punk-rock fandom to contemporary participation in half a dozen genre-jumping bands. He leads not just the Hot House Gang but several other bands playing music as diverse as western swing, vintage Hawaiian and hot jazz. Come enjoy the camaraderie of music lovers like yourself. Free parking, full menu, all ages and a big dance floor! Doors at 7, Hot House Gang at 8 pm.

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