Reverend Horton Heat + Delta Bombers & Support from The Bikini Bottoms

Reverend Horton Heat + Delta Bombers & Support from The Bikini Bottoms poster
Reverend Horton Heat + Delta Bombers & Support from The Bikini Bottoms poster

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Rockabilly Night Live Presents DIRECT from the U.S.A. - A double bill spectacular with two of the greatest rockabilly acts of all time! This is an invitation for you to join rockabilly fans from all over the UK to ROCK HARD and DANCE LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW! With the energy these bands pump out; there just might not be one! These rockers may hail from America, but they might as well be time-traveling space cowboys hitting the stage with the atomic impact of a meteor at full speed. and SPEED there will be! With blistering guitar pickin', thumpin' slap bass and tight drum beats fillin' up the night, it will be like the roar of super charged hot-rod engine at full blast. Opening up the show we have newcomers The Bikini Bottoms. The Bikini Bottoms are an idiosyncratic rock n' roll duo from Glasgow in the UK, playing a signature mix of surf-rock, garage, punk, psychobilly and rock n' roll at breakneck speed. To fill in between these legendary showmen, our very own DJ Rock Ape will keep the energy. If you are a fan of Rockabilly, Psychobilly, old school Rock'n'Roll or anything in between, this a night you don't want to miss out on! - Reverend Horton Heat Get ready to be converted to the evangelical as the Reverend Horton Heat preach the Gospel of Rock'n'Roll. Experiencing these rockin' tribal rhythms, that transcend time from the early 1950s way into the future, will transform even the most hardcore rockabilly fan. Get ready for the rockin' High-Octane, Spaghetti Western Wall of Sound that is everyone's favorite preacher. With 11 studio albums to date, these rockers from the great state of Texas, have more than put their mark on history: They have slammed into the history of Rock'n'Roll with meteoric force and pumped pure nitro into the old hot-rod engine of the genre. They will surely deliver what they preach, in the form of pure, brain-melting guitar solos, wild stage antics, and plenty of un-apologizing attitude! Get ready for the sermon of your life! - The Delta Bombers What do you get if you fuse 1950s Rock'n'Roll with swampy blues, red hot country, and high powered rockabilly... The answer is the highly explosive and by no means safe contraption that has been annihilating stages all over the world for over a decade! This hard touring band has been tearing up crowd after crowd in 26 countries with their take-no-prisoners attitude and super-charged energy, and does not seem to stop for anything or anyone. Directly from Las Vegas, Nevada, it's The Delta Bombers! Their 4 studio albums bear testament to the virtuous musicality of these four rockers, but it's live on stage that their music really spits flames. From powerful vocal abilities of Chris Moinichen, the scorching guitar riffs of Andrew Himmler, the floor rumbling bass lines of Gregorio Garcia, to the earth shattering drum beats of Micah Malcolm, The Delta Bombers will blow you away with their raw, All-American roots music! - The Bikini Bottoms In 2015, Jack Elfick and Evan K. Lake began The Bikini Bottoms after playing in a local acid-rock band together. Inspired by the rockabilly of his home city of Brighton, Elfick suggested that himself and Lake start a new band called The Looters, playing surf and rockabilly as a two piece. However after suggesting as a joke that the band be named after a fictional undersea town, the name "The Bikini Bottoms" stuck and they ventured out to the club circuit of Glasgow. The band produce music creatively driven by nostalgia, with subject matter including spooky movies, 60's tv shows and childhood cartoons, as well as combining a love for heavy punk and psychobilly with colourful 50's rock and roll. The band have played with a range of prominent artists in the genres including King Kurt, Demented Are Go, Messer Chups, Legendary Shack Shakers, The Creepshow and The Blue Cats. The duo released their debut album Bikiniland in 2019 on Mental Records. Louder Than War magazine proclaimed it "positively sizzling", and Vintage Rock Magazine awarded it 4 stars, calling it "spooky and rockin" with an "indie edge". The Bikini Bottoms mums claimed it to be "not bad".

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